Real Estate

We have successfully advised, supported and guided our clients through all necessary legal steps, such as, all different manners of property acquisition, planning permits for new or older buildings, planning, taxation, property investment, acquisition or redemption of mortgages. Buying and selling any property in Greece (private and commercial). In our task we are fully supported by an accountant and a notary public.

Inheritance Law

Wills, inheritance acceptance in Greece, inheritance tax.

Greek Family Law

Divorce, Adoption, Child’s paternity, Enforcement of court judgements from other jurisdictions.

Law of rentals


Accidents, compensations.

Contract Law

Leasing, franchising, factoring. We handle all the services – the application of the franchising system all the legal consulting and support.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Corporations (legal advice and support for any company), from the early beginning establishment, publication, until liquidation, modifications, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, legal advice about corporate matters.

Recognition of a foreign court’s decision

Intellectual Property Law

trademarks, patents, copyright.

Criminal law

Immigration Law

permission to remain and work in country, acquisition of greek citizenship, translations of documents.

Administration law

tax, pensions

Penal matters

Indictments, street accidents, offences, financial crime, penal matters concerning under age persons.

Labour Law

Working accidents working contracts and claim of compensations

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